This summer, TAC and Urban Spread are bringing the best live music to the suburbs, so you and your mates don't need to travel far to see your fav bands.

Take 5 and make your travel plan, Stan.

Preparation is the key to a great party. So we've got a few solid tips to help you on your journey to Urban Spread.


Find the most direct route to and from Urban Spread gigs.

Plan my journey

We Designated drivers.

And we think it's about time they were shown some gratitude. That's why we're offering all designated drivers a free drink on arrival (non-alcoholic) and the chance to win Prepare to Party prize packs.


Ridiculous live music isn't all that's going on.

Look out for the spinning wheel towards the end of the night. Take a spin and you could win some ridiculously good prizes.

a well crafted exit plan can be the difference between a great night and a total stinker.

Great escapes are planned. That's why we've created a seamless guide for getting home. Whether it's duping the housemate into collecting you, or bartering with a bodybuilder for an actual lift home, The Exit Plan has all your post-gig questions answered.

TAC and Urban Spread hope you enjoy the Prepare to Party gigs, party safe and look after your mates!